Our Clients Have Saved Over $4 Million Dollars Versus Traditional Fees!

The Walker + Hailey Team of Realty ONE Group Music City is based in the Cool Springs area of Franklin, TN. For years, we have offered a full service, reduced fee listing program to our clients. During that period, we’ve saved Middle Tennessean’s over $4 Million versus traditional real estate fees. We are passionate about our level of service and it’s been a blessing to serve so many. Our daily quest is to redefine the real estate experience.

Our Mission is to provide a referable experience for each and every client we serve, it goes above and beyond the transaction. Our promise is to offer the very best value in Real Estate and to consistently exceed your expectations. Our Vision is to change perception of the Real Estate industry by offering exceptional service with a non-traditional fee structure which saves sellers time and money so, they can spend it in other places.

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Middle Tennessee Home Owners Save Thousands!

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Traditional Commission (6%)

Recommended 3% To Buyers Agency

Potential Savings With Walker + Hailey!

The Walker and Hailey Team helps You retain Your equity by not charging a listing commission. Up to 3% buyers agency commission and a transaction fee do apply.

What Your Get With Our Full Service Free Program

A Dedicated Team

You’re represented by full-time agents, broker and support staff that’s fully dedicated to your transaction.

Extensive Marketing

Websites, social media, videos, professional photography marketed locally, nationally and internationally.

Mega Open House

Our open houses go beyond a couple of directional signs, they’re best described as selling events.

Professional Photography

No cell phone pics here, we have relationships with some of the best photographers in the industry.

Free Staging Tips

Staging for photos, open houses and showings has a direct impact on days on market and final sales price.

Expert Consultation & Negotiation

We have the education and experience to ensure a smooth transaction with the highest return.

Easy Out Agreement

The agreement term is 180 days but it can be cancelled anytime prior to selling with 48 hour notice.

Exclusive Buyer Database

We currently have 7,000+ potential buyers looking for a home Middle Tennessee.. Yours could be next.

Not Buying Locally?

Even if you don’t qualify for our FREE program, we offer several alternatives to help you save thousands!


And Guidelines

Complete Full Service Listing including:

  • In Home Consultation
  • Staging Tips & Recommendations
  • Professional Photography
  • Extensive Social Media & Internet Marketing
  • Nationally Branded Signage
  • Mega Open House
  • Professional Showing Service
  • Expert Consultation & Negotiation

Simply put, a proven track record of providing superior real estate services at a reduced fee.

  • Nearly 10 years selling homes at a reduced fee
  • Over $100 MILLION in property sold at a reduced rate
  • Over $4 MILLION savings to our clients vs. commonly charged real estate fees

The internet has changed the Realtor’s role when it comes to advertising your property.

The marketing cost for a typical listing in today’s world has decreased significantly. Gone are the days of investing hundreds of dollars to market a property to the end consumer. Within hours of listing a home on MLS, property details are syndicated to hundreds of real estate related websites. Since 90% of all home searches (according to The National Association of Realtors) begin online, the majority of a home’s exposure takes place with the click of a mouse.

Many flat fee or MLS only listing companies provide little if any support regarding the complicated intricacies of the home selling process. This lack of consultation can literally cost a seller thousands or increase the risk of litigation. We have a team of professionals that go to work and protect your interest. We are able to provide greater support, expertise and professionalism because we offer our FREE service to those that are purchasing a qualifying home. Simply put, we look at the value of both sides of the transaction, which allows us to provide a “Full Service” experience for both the selling and buying processes.

*Some restrictions do apply:
1) There’s no minimum sale price on the sale of your current home however, minimum sales price for the purchase of your next home must be $250,000 or greater. A $1,000 flat fee rate is added to the sale of the home your selling if your purchase is less than $250K, $1,500 if less than $200K.
2) The properties being sold and purchased must be in the following Middle TN counties: Davidson, Williamson, Wilson, Rutherford, and Sumner. An additional $1,000 fee is added for homes located outside of the geographical area.
3) The only way we can provide our “Free, Full Service” program is if we collect a 3% commission on your purchase. The 3% is typically offered/paid by the seller of the home you are purchasing. In the event said seller is offering less than 3%, say 2.5%, you (the purchaser) are required to pay that difference. Often this amount can be negotiated with the seller contributing. This is not considered additional costs, we are simply asking for what is traditionally offered to the selling office. (Example: $350,000 sales price x .5% difference between 3% and 2.5% = a shortage due at closing of $1,750)

**The cost of marketing luxury properties (homes valued at 2 to 3 times the average) can be far greater and might incur additional marketing costs/fees which include: drone pictures/video, staging, stand alone websites, etc.

Six percent (6%) has been the traditionally charged commission rate. There are No “standard,” “common,” “normal” or “usual” commission structures. All real estate companies are free to charge a rate the property owner and company/agent mutually agreed upon.

We will do all that is possible to reduce your costs when buying and selling. At the same time, the effort must make sense from a business standpoint. Let’s talk and see what we can work out.

We look at each situation individually and will help you save as much as we can. In some cases, that could mean a reduced percentage, if not a flat fee.

We have an “easy out” or “day to day” listing agreement. It can be cancelled at any time prior to the home selling with 48 hour notice. We understand that life changes and needs change. Our goal is to win you over as your “Realtor for Life”, the last thing we will do is lock you into an agreement that’s not to your benefit.

Transaction fees are becoming the norm in most real estate transactions today. The transaction fee is what the company/brokerage charges for every closed transaction. Realty ONE Group Music City charges $495 for a home that sells for under $500k, $695 for a home that sells for $500k to less than $1 Million and .001% of the sales price for a homes that sell for over $1 Million. The transaction fee is not a commission, it’s a fee associated with conducting business and can not be made payable to the agent.

Commission rates are always negotiable. We do highly recommend that you offer a 3% commission to the selling office/agent (the agent that brings the buyer). In addition to the above mentioned Broker fees, there are interest and tax prorations, title insurance, termite inspection, misc. recording fees, etc. A good number to use for the cost to sell a home are: Total Broker fees (in this case, 3% to the buyers agency) plus 1 ½% to 2% of the sales price. This does not include any negotiated buyer costs.

Like life, things often change in business, the best way to answer is “for now”. If you or someone you know is selling in the near future, be sure and reach out to reserve your opportunity to save thousands with this incredible opportunity. As you can imagine, for this offer to be sustainable as a long term business offering, the restrictions must be honored. We always endeavor to create a win/win relationship with our clients.


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We are passionate about Real Estate and providing a memorable experience for each and every person we work with. Our promise to all our clients is to offer the very best Real Estate Service and to consistently exceed your expectations.

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